Insurance: Uninsured students from all study cycles are covered as uninsured citizens, entitled to complete medical and hospital care in the National Health System (NSS), with expenses covered by EOPYY according to Law 4452/2017, Article 31, paragraph 3.

Food: The Department of Student Care at the University of Western Macedonia manages student feeding in line with current regulations. Students meeting the eligibility criteria can enter university restaurants using their student ID. Applications for free feeding are assessed based on family economic and social data, with a ranking system determining eligibility. Applications are submitted electronically each spring, with details and instructions announced on the student care website. Free feeding is provided as funding allows, with a list of beneficiaries announced annually. The student care department also aims to improve student living conditions, social life, and broaden their horizons within the framework of relevant legislation.

Housing: The Department of Student Care provides free housing in student halls. In Grevena, a student home accommodates students from specific departments. Applications for housing, along with required documents, must be submitted by the announced deadlines. Students are responsible for reporting any damages or technical issues via the university’s reporting system.

Additional Activities: For the academic year 2023-2024, activities include gymnastics, traditional dances, and tennis in Grevena, with interest expressions submitted through the university email. More information about holistic care activities is available on the university’s holistic care website and via email at


Relevant documents include information on housing and student care.

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