The Ethics Committee of the University of Western Macedonia was established by the act of the Rector numbered (ADA ΨΚΨΣ469Β7Κ-GX9) and reconstituted by the act of the Rector numbered (ADA 6ΡΚ6469Β7Κ-857), in accordance with Article 47 of Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 114/A’/4-8-2017).

The Ethics Committee has the following responsibilities:

  1. It drafts a ‘Code of Ethics and Good Practice’ for academic, administrative, and research matters (bioethics rules, etc.), which is approved by the Senate and incorporated into the Institution’s Internal Regulation.
  2. It ensures the observance and implementation of ethical rules by all members of the Institution and identifies violations of these rules.
  3. It examines ex officio or following a written report – complaint from students, academic staff, administrative staff, researchers, visiting lecturers, and administrative personnel on matters within its jurisdiction, to ascertain the violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics or investigates related incidents following the Rector’s order.

Any other matter related to its constitution and operation is regulated in the Institution’s Internal Regulation.

Related requests can be submitted to the Ethics Committee via email at (, either at the student ombudsman’s office ( or at the University’s Rectorate (

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