“Dear new students and visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science of the University of Western Macedonia. In our website, you will find useful information about the educational and research activities of the Department, the content of the Study Program, as well as the opportunities that our department offers to its students.

The department’s operational plan is summarized as follows:

  • Vision

The department aims to constitute a hub of knowledge and contribution to the economy and society.

  • Mission of the Department
  • The promotion of knowledge and research in the field of Statistics and Insurance Science.
  • To meet the professional needs in the fields of Statistics and Insurance Science, as well as to develop capable personnel for staffing businesses and organizations of all types and sizes.
  • Cooperation with local, national, and international bodies and businesses for a more successful connection and relationship with the market and society in general.

  • Long-Term Goals of the Department


  • The thorough preparation of students at a professional and academic level in the field of Statistics and Insurance Science.
  • The quantitative and qualitative production of research works by the members of the department.
  • Increase participation in European and national programs.
  • The promotion of social values (cooperation, solidarity, teamwork, etc.) and the general cultural level.
  • Medium-Long-Term Goals of the Department
  • Improvement of student performance.
  • Creation of a pleasant and creative academic environment.
  • Increase in the mobility of teachers and students to other institutions (Erasmus, etc.).
  • Organization of postgraduate studies leading to the training of scientists with specialized knowledge in specific fields of the department.
  • Short-Term Goals of the Department
  • Organization of the department’s operational procedures.
  • Contact and collaborations with other institutions, locally and internationally.
  • Dissemination of the importance of evaluation to the department’s students.
  • Improvements in student performance.
  • Strategies for achieving the goals: 

The Department of Statistics & Insurance Science focuses its developmental strategy on two axes: Academic Development and Connection with the local and national society and economy.

In more detail:

  1. A) Academic Development
  • Development of Educational Activities:
  • New study program, which will be regularly revised and adapted according to international educational standards. Internal – External Evaluation, accreditation of the Study Program.
  • Improvement of teaching methods for theory and laboratory (use of modern audiovisual media, E-class, production of video-recorded lectures, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of postgraduate studies programs. Participation in mobility programs (Erasmus, Leonardo).
  • Enhancement of electronic activities (e-learning, etc.).
  • Development of Research Activities:
  • Development of existing research infrastructures.
  • Operation of research laboratories.
  • Development of research collaborations, etc.
  • Research collaborations and participation in international networks with other higher education institutions and organizations.
  • Attraction – invitations of high-level academic staff.
  • Improvement of building infrastructures:
  • Arrangement of necessary spaces.
  • Enhancement of infrastructures and equipment.
  • Social Support for Students:
  • Finding scholarships.
  • Securing occasional part-time employment.
  • Facilitating the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Strengthening of student dormitories.
  • Providing full psychological support where necessary.
  • Activation of the institution of the Academic Advisor and Student Ombudsman.
  1. B) Connection With the Local & National Society and Economy
  • Development of collaborations with institutional bodies.

The Department has established relations with the relevant scientific body of the Western Macedonia region, the Economic Chamber. Similar cooperation is expected to be successful with the Commercial-Industrial Chambers of the area and with the Northern Greece Exporters Association (SEVE).

  • Collaborations with developmental and social bodies for the preparation of national and European programs.
  • Cooperation on a permanent basis with the local Self-Government, of the 1st and 2nd degree of the area.
  • Participation in the social events of the area.

Strengthening environmental, social, and cultural actions with the operation of a corresponding student club that will be housed in a room of the University in Grevena.

  • Organization of educational visits

Organization of educational visits so that students come into direct contact with the subject of the course and the application of their theoretical knowledge in the real space-time of a business or a body.

  • Organization of Seminars/Conferences

Dear students, with your studies, you will acquire a knowledge capital that will help you in your professional career. The curriculum of the Department is equivalent to those of the best universities abroad, adapted to the Greek reality. However, your value will shine not only thanks to your professional and scientific skills, but also through the ethos and consistency you will show. Our goal in the Department is to transmit to you, basic and specialized knowledge on cutting-edge issues of the science of Statistics and Insurance, but also to contribute to the development of a scientific and at the same time ethical way of thinking.

Therefore, amidst upheavals and changes that transform the economic, social, and cultural landscape, the triptych “education – research – innovation” acquires special value and significance. A triptych in which we invest all our strength, as we believe it is the key that will open the doors of progress at a local, regional, and national level, that will help us create new quality employment positions, to reverse the negative conjuncture. Without innovation, we lose the train of competitiveness. Without education, we lose our productivity. Without lifelong learning, we lose the “knowledge society”.

With these few words, I would like to welcome you on behalf of the rest of the staff of the Department and wish you a constructive year, continuous progress, and responsibility in your obligations. I hope the department you have chosen proves to be up to your expectations and dreams. From our side, we promise you not so much an easy, but certainly a fascinating life experience.

Thank you very much.

Nikolaos Sariannidis

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

University of Western Macedonia

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