What to do in Grevena: Certainly not boring activities:

  • Routes
  • Ski – Snowboard – Snowmobile in Vasilitsa Snow Resort
  • Hiking – mountaineering
  • Rafting – canoe & kayak
  • Cycling – Downhill
  • Horse Riding – Archery – Climbing
  • Parachute
  • Mountain Runnings
  • Tours of museums
  • Photography of nature’s elements
  • Mushroom streets
  • Gastronomy

One of the best online gates with activities in Grevena is the touristy guide of the Prefecture. More information can be found at: Visit-Grevena.gr

Grevena is the capital of the Regional Unit (PE) Grevena.

IP Grevena is one of the richest vegetation in the country. The main attractions of the area are Vasilitsa Ski Resort and Milia Paleontology Museum with the world’s largest tusks (Guinness Award). Here are some of the main activities: Winter activities: Winter in the area is relatively cold with a lot of snow that favors winter activities. So on weekends, the Vasilitsa ski resort is bustling From visitors (skies and mainly students from the surrounding cities).

The Grevena ski resorts (HOSG) organizes each Weekend excursions to the ski resort while delivering Lessons to beginners.

Cycling downhill

Summer Many times the Vasilitsa National Ski Resort operates his lifts for cyclists who want to travel his cycling track downhill.

Other activities

Grevena is an area worth it and you can see cycling. Grevena Cycling Union is quite active and organizes each week Cycling trips to the beauties of the area. In Summer, many times the Vasilitsa National Ski Resort operates his lifts for cyclists.

Valia Calda

Pindos National Park “Valia Calda” is one of the most important and most Virgin of Greece’s parks. Founded with NW487/1966 (Government Gazette 120/A/66) with The purpose of protecting rich flora and fauna. It has an area of approximately 69,000 acres separated into the core and the regional zone of the Park. It is located in the Pindos Mountains on the borders of Grevena and Ioannina.


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