The curriculum of the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science is among the most contemporary in Greece, meticulously designed to align with new trends in statistics and insurance science.

It not only focuses on the core subjects but also promotes synergies with related sciences, such as Accounting and Finance, enabling graduates to successfully navigate a wide array of professional fields, including relevant postgraduate and doctoral studies. Graduates are equipped to pursue careers in various sectors. 

They can be employed as statisticians in research and application centers, including polls, market surveys, and medical centers; as actuaries, analysts, and risk appraisers in insurance companies and organizations; and as quantitative investment analysts and risk management executives in banks. Furthermore, they are eligible for positions in public services, organizations, banks, and statistical services, including KEPE and EKKE. 

Graduates can also teach in technical and vocational education by studying in the appropriate section of SELETE. In the private sector, opportunities exist in insurance companies or other businesses and financial units as senior employees, researchers, and financial consultants. For more information, graduates are encouraged to contact the Career Office.

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