The Student Advocate aims to mediate between students and the faculty or administrative services of the institution, ensuring adherence to legality within the context of academic freedom, addressing mismanagement issues, and safeguarding the proper functioning of the institution.

The Student Advocate does not oversee student exams and grading. The Senate of the University of Western Macedonia has reappointed Mr. Konstantinos Paris, Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Engineering School, as the Student Advocate for another term from 01-09-2023 to 31-08-2024

(Contact: 24610 56553 & 24610 68275, email:

The Student Advocate investigates cases independently or upon student referral, mediating with the relevant university bodies for resolution. The Advocate may request information, documents, or other evidence from university services, interview individuals, conduct inspections, and order expert analysis. If any case is found to lack legality, show signs of mismanagement, or disrupt the university’s proper functioning, the Advocate compiles findings which are communicated to the involved faculty member(s), the relevant administrative service, and the reporting student, aiming to facilitate resolution.

The Advocate can dismiss cases deemed clearly indefinite, unfounded, or unsupported and, if evidence of a disciplinary offense is found, refer the case to the appropriate disciplinary body. The findings and an annual report of actions are published on the university’s website, respecting privacy laws.

Students wishing to submit requests can use a special form available below and send it via:



In person or by mail to:


Student Advocate Office

50100 Kozani Kozani





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