The Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, located in Grevena, was established under law 4610/ 7-5- 2019 and is part of the School of Economic Sciences at the University of Western Macedonia.

It offers two directions, Statistics and Insurance, which are particularly useful in today’s era, as they meet the demands of the labor market, providing more opportunities for professional integration, a key priority during periods of economic crisis and prolonged youth unemployment.

The department is housed in Myrsina, Grevena, in state-of-the-art facilities that were inaugurated in 2010 (with the final handover taking place in December 2012).

  1. The buildings are situated in an area of 120 acres. They are interconnected by optical fiber and have full networking and building operation parameter control equipment (the buildings are controlled by a central computer system).
  2. The educational equipment of the buildings is excellent.
  3. All classrooms have full microphone and sound installations, projection equipment, and video reproduction devices.
  4. In addition to the equipment of the teaching rooms, the laboratories have a complete electrical and electronic installation and networking installation.

The two buildings that house the department are the most modern university building complex in Greece to date.

They include two modern amphitheaters and classrooms with modern audiovisual media.

  1. The computer labs have a total capacity of 100 people and are equipped with modern computers.
  2. The student club (dining) is located in the city of Grevena, in the northwestern part, on the road axis towards the workers’ housing and is accessible from the city center even without the use of transport.

The modern Student Residences of the Institution, which started operating in 2021 and are hosted in a renovated space of the Municipal Student Residence. The facilities of the student residences, with a capacity of 67 people, are ready to welcome students.

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