We warmly welcome all students who have been admitted to the University of Western Macedonia! We sincerely wish you a creative and fulfilling academic journey.

Welcome Message from the University of Western Macedonia

Dear Students, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the University of Western Macedonia family, and I congratulate you on your successful admission. At our University, you will have the chance to acquire a broad education and a strong scientific foundation of knowledge and skills that will serve as assets for your future professional and academic endeavors.

We aim for you to emerge from your studies as well-rounded scientists and individuals, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. To achieve success in your studies, it is crucial to adapt to the academic culture promptly and participate actively in the educational process.

Your student years also present a prime opportunity to engage in cultural, athletic, and social activities, as well as to forge connections with the local community. Seize this chance to make your study period a creative and fulfilling phase of your life.

The faculty and administrative staff of the University will always be there to support you throughout your journey.

I wish you all strength, a successful academic path, and a pleasant stay in Western Macedonia!

Theodoros Theodoulides, Rector

Freshmen Registrations

Registrations for first-year students are conducted within the timeframe specified by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and announced on the University’s website, usually during the first two weeks of September.

The registration process is entirely online for all departments and schools of the University through the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs’ information system. No supporting documents are required for online registration.

When accessing the first-year registration system, use the same password as when submitting the online application form. Your Social Security Number (AMKA) will also be requested. Through the National AMKA Registry, individual details are automatically fetched and recorded in the registration system.

ATTENTION: Should the pre-filled details differ from those on your Police ID or passport, you must update your details at the National AMKA Registry through any KEP (Citizen Service Center).

After completing the online registration before the deadline, you do not need to submit any further documentation.

Request for Deletion from Another Department

Students admitted to the University of Western Macedonia who are already enrolled in another department or school (due to admissions in previous years) must request to be deleted from it. The Ministry of Education’s information system allows for an automatic deletion request from the previous department/school. The secretariats of both departments will be informed of this, and the relevant process will be carried out without requiring any further action from the student.

Following online registration and after the announcement of the completion dates, students must electronically submit the following documents to their department’s secretariat:

  • A recent color photo
  • A photocopy of a police ID or passport
  • The online registration application
  • The entire registration process is digital, facilitated through the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs’ information system, ensuring that student identity verification for both academic and administrative procedures at the University is streamlined.
  • After online registration and the announcement of completion dates, students must electronically submit the following to their department’s secretariat:
  • Identity verification documents

Students, upon completing their electronic registration and having their identity verified by their department’s secretariat, will receive a PIN by email, which they will use to activate their Institutional Account (see: Electronic Services Guide for Freshmen).

The University of Western Macedonia offers a wide array of support and services for its students, including academic identities (PASO), housing, feeding, library access, psychological support, cultural and sporting activities, and detailed information on the cities of Western Macedonia.

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