“I would like to welcome you to the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, one of the departments of the School of Economic Sciences at the University of Western Macedonia. Our department deals with two basic scientific subjects, Statistics and Insurance Science, which are based on Mathematics and Economic Analysis.

Statistics is a science that finds application in every scientific field where quantitative or qualitative data are used, and its purpose is the collection, analysis, and construction of models for decision-making and drawing conclusions. Therefore, the competitive advantage of our department is the absorption of its graduates in a wide range of professional choices.

The purpose of the Department is the theoretical education and practical training of students in the fields of knowledge of Statistics and Insurance Science. The curriculum of the Department consists of a systematic synthesis of courses from theoretical and applied knowledge areas of these scientific branches. The students of the Department can specialize in statistical and insurance issues. The curriculum is updated and adapted almost every year with the aim of providing the best and most effective knowledge to our students.

The Department of Statistics and Insurance Science is a relatively new Department, where the entire teaching and research staff constantly makes every possible effort to maintain a high level of student interest in the field of knowledge and to help understand the deeper meanings, methods, and techniques that a young scientist specializing in Statistics and Insurance Science should possess.

As part of our extroversion approach, students of the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science will have the opportunity to study at a university abroad for an academic semester through the Erasmus+ program. Also, our students can undertake their practical training during their studies. The Department offers the possibility of doctoral and post-doctoral studies, and there is planning soon for the operation of a postgraduate program, adding even more value to our students’ knowledge.

I wish you a creative and successful journey with your studies in the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science, take advantage of the opportunities, experiences, and possibilities that will be given to you and navigate the world of knowledge, expertise, and added value. The teaching and administrative staff of the Department will always be by your side for whatever you need, aiming at the uninterrupted completion of your studies.”

The President of the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science

Kontsas Stamatis

Associate professor

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